J Syst Evol ›› 1992, Vol. 30 ›› Issue (5): 385-404.

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Notes on the Genus Elaeocarpus Linn. from China

Tang Ya   

  • Published:1992-09-10

Abstract: The Chinese Elaeocarpus Linn. is revised. Here reported are those taxa with different treatment in “Fl. Reip. Pop. Sin. “, Tomus 49 (1), including one new species and one new variety: Elaeocarpus limitaneioides Y. Tang and E. glabripetalus var. grandifructus Y. Tang, Four species and two varieties are reduced: E. boreali-yunnanensis H. T. Chang is reduced to E. lacunosus Wall. ex Kurz; E. floribundioides H. T. Chang to E. austro-yunnanensis Hu; E. fengjieensis P. C. Tuan to E. duclouxii Gagnep .; E. kwangsiensis H .T. Chang to E. glabripetalus var. alatus(Knuth) H. T. Chang; E. glabripetalus var. teres H. T. Chang to E. glabripetalus var. glabripetalus ; E. prunifolioides var. rectinervis H. T. Chang to E. prunifolioides Hu. It is found that three species, E. rugosus Roxb., E. sikkimensis Mast. and E. decandrus Merr., were wrongly determined as E. apiculatus Mast., E. fleuryi Gagnep. and E. chinensis Hook. f., respectively. In the paper also reported are some provincial new records. The infrageneric systems are discussed briefly and the Masters’ system isfollowed with some modifications.

Key words: Elaeocarpus Linn., Revision, China