J Syst Evol ›› 1993, Vol. 31 ›› Issue (5): 432-450.

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Taxonomic Study on Genera of Tribe Lactuceae (Compositae) from China

Shih Chu   

  • Published:1993-09-18

Abstract: The Present paper is a preliminary result of study on three genera, Dubyaea, Syncalathium and Soroseris of the tribe Lactuceae (Compositae) in China. The genus Dubyaea in China so far known consists of 14 species, of which six are described here as new: D. pteroponda Shih, D. lanceolate Shih, D. muliensis Shih, D. panduriformis Shih, D. cymiformis Shih and D. jinyangensis Shih. In addition, one new combination, i.e.D. bhotanica (Hutch.) Shih, is made. There are six species in the genus Syncalathium in Chinese flora, of which one species is described here as new. This is S. orbiculariforme Shih. A new combination, S. pilosum (Hand.-Mazz.) Shih, is made in the paper. The genus Soroseris comprises nine species, of which three are described here as new, S. teres Shih, S. chrysocephala Shih and S. qinghaiensis Shih. Three new combinations, i.e.S. trichocarpa (Franch.) Shih, S. hirsuta (Anth.) Shih, and S.erysimoides (Hand.-Mazz.) Shih are made in the present paper.

Key words: Compositae, Dubyaea, Syncalathium, Soroseris, classification